Event design involves Event Registration, store, recognition & social media experiences, General Session, Breakouts, product activations, award ceremonies, and special dinners… did we miss anything?


Design is a step often overlooked or considered just something that has to be done. Sure it’s required by the venue and the Fire Marshall however we look at design from the very beginning as the basis of the entire event flow. Yes designing the General session stage is an important aspect to your event and we spend a lot of time on it however we encourage the event process to start at looking at the attendee experience as a whole.

What are the main aspects of the event that need a home? Registration, store, recognition & social media experiences, General Session, breakouts, product activations, awards ceremonies, and special dinners are just a few of the items of our clients are filling their events with.

Here are some questions you should be asking during both the venue selection and event design phases.

Will my audience be able to find their way? Will they have a great view from every angle? Are our top leaders taken care of and feeling special? Does the space have the ability to launch a brand experience or product activation and convey the messaging we want?

After we have an event site map it’s time to design each space. We design all our space in the true scale of the room so you can see it as your attendee would and in a full color environment.

Not sure about how to execute that new idea or create something extra special at your next event? Take the first step!

Having worked with Direct Sales companies for the last 12 years, both inside companies and as a supplier, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to assist your team in producing an experience that will exceed your attendees expectations. We know recognition is vital to direct sales and take that into account during the stage design. Extra wide stairs, ramps, multi-level stages for this big photo opportunities, we get it.


What else can we do?