In the crowded world of event production, there’s a new player in town.


A team that has been producing Direct Sales events for the past 9 years.

A team that understands the unique aspects that make up a Direct Sales event.

A team that can become your production partner.


More than a typical production company:
From venue selection and negotiation, to stage design and creative content, all the way to ticket sales and crowd management.


KATAPULT can handle every single aspect of an event.


Launch your event with KATAPULT

“This industry is unique. It is not like anything else. And if you are in Network Marketing, you know what I mean. From “wave parades” to “car reveals” to Hollywood level entertainment, these events are fun, exciting and...for the Distributors, Brand Ambassadors, or Consultants... they are the highlight of the year, “ says Johnson.

“We understand that, we understand how important these events really are to the field and to corporate.”