iBüümerang Vision 2019

We were honored to be asked to produce the launch of ibüümerang. Vision 2019 was held at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


We were recently contracted to produce the official launch event for ibüümerang. This was no small feat, and required all hands on deck for what was a monumental occasion.

Having sold out the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV, the production had to match the ambition of the company and Katapult was up to the task.

We constructed a 24x48 foot screen for the keynote presentations, as well as two Live Feed cameras which were manned throughout the event. In addition, we set up a Live Stream for international viewers who did not make the trip.

Our partner, DJ Rankan (the world’s corporate DJ) provided an atmosphere of fun and excitement which had the whole crowd engaged throughout.

With future incentive trips set worldwide, including Dubai, Katapult will continue to strive to create an unforgettable experience for ibüümerang and their field!

bryn schofield