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We know your direct sales family is ready for a reunion. They want it BIG, they want it LIVE and they want it ASAP. Katapult makes sure you come in strong. They've waited long enough. They're excited for "wheels up" and to spend quality time together. Katapult LIVE events aren't just weekends. They're life-affirming celebrations for family.

We Specialize In...

From stunning light shows to pyrotechnics and from digital sound styling to the inimitable DJ RanKan, the Katapult team specializes in engaging your audience from before they pour through the doors. We customize the personal experience for 50,000 in a stadium or 50 in a boardroom. There's nothing we won't do to help you achieve the experience of your distributors' dreams.


They're here. They're live. No distractions, no doorbell ringing, no dog to take out. Your direct sales family is present, fully focused.


Hands-on leadership training, recognition, business buidling -- a full agenda lands better when the audience is at the foot of the big stage and fully engaged.


Ask your audience a question. We guarantee they'll respond when they're in the room with you. And they'll absorb your inspiration and energy.


Nothing can compare to fully immersing your audience in the energy of a total sensory adventure. Thumping music, dazzling lights, gorgeous settings -- they wouldn't want to miss it.

how we do what we do

Live Design Capabilities

  1. Lighting and Audio

  2. Entertainment

  3. Animated Content Creation

  4. Branding

  5. Special Effects

  6. Fabrication

  7. Product Launches

  8. Stage Design

  9. Venue Selection

best of both worlds

Go Hybrid!

If a fully live event is not your style…think about going hybrid

Katapult team behind the scenes happily working with each other

Latest Work

We're excited to share with you all that we have been working on. Check out a few of our most recent projects.


September 2023

Arena shows carry an impact that is sure to wow your audience. Imagine thousands of people sharing the same excitement for your products and message as you. It's the type of memory your audience will never forget.


September 2023

Check out the work put in by Katapult to make this year's Monations United one for the ages. Our team wowed their direct sales family at every turn, every recognition, every moment.