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More than your events partner. More than your production company. Katapult understands what it takes to bring to life your company's desire to personally connect with your direct sales family through exhilarating, unforgettable, next-level events. Through every stage of concept, planning, and execution, our goal is to outperform for our direct sales clients until the last curtain falls.

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What We Do

We are a full-service event and production company, but that's not how you'll know us. You'll know us as the event partner who takes care of every last detail.

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How we manage your event is a custom job. Katapult is as turnkey as you need us to be. We're your team.

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We deliver event concept and design based on decades of experience in the direct sales world -- and based on precisely what you want.

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We take production far beyond outstanding sound, lights and video. We factor in the crucial distributor's experience, sales and financial goals. We take your insight and produce results.

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We make your message stand out. We build on the importance of traditional print creative for your attendees and digital marketing to get the word out.

we do what works for you

Live or Hybrid

We bring your direct sales family together at live events and immerse them in your culture. We can add state-of-the-art virtual components and offer virtual or hybrid events that supplement your live experience. If they can't join the thrill of your event in person, we provide the online options to bring the excitement to them.

Live Events

From amazing light shows to pyrotechnics and special effects... Our team specializes in engaging your audience. We have worked with companies to build the biggest arena shows and the simplest ballroom set up.

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Hybrid Events

Meet your audience where they want to be. We consider ourselves experts in creating a seamless transition between your two different audiences. Let us show you how our team has built hybrid events in the past.

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Monations Elevate


September 8th - 12th, 2021

Coming off of a massive global pandemic and going straight into an arena show is one tall task. Monat asked that we deliver a solution that was responsible and healthy to their distributors. Katapult not only delivered a fantastic live experience in Atlanta but we also delivered multiple virtual experiences that allowed Monat to have one of their largest attended events yet.

from conference rooms to sports stadiums

Events of All Sizes

We tailor any space and every event to your specifications. Big or small, we make everything from an office space to a massive arena come alive with YOUR concept, YOUR dreams, YOUR personalized touches. We customize each event to be exactly what you need, no matter the size. Our priority is your experience.

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Katapult team behind the scenes happily working with each other Katapult team behind the scenes happily working with each other Katapult team behind the scenes happily working with each other Katapult team behind the scenes happily working with each other

What Our Clients Say

Katapult is an extension of us. Full trust and trasparency is most important to me and I found that from the very beginning with this team. Now we are looking to multiply our production partnership with Katapult and expand it internationally as we continue to grow.

We have partnered with Katapult because they have the expertise, the experience, and the integrity we look for in an event partner. From our incentive trips to our international convention, they are the team we trust to execute at the highest level.

There are many Production Companies and there is Katapult. Most of them can't deliver what they promise but when it comes to Hybrid or in person Events nobody can beat the way Erik, Jay and Scott do. It's so easy to work with them but at the same time the quality of the product exceeds all expectations. One of the best teams in the entertainment business.

The crew at Katapult was both fun and easy to work with from start to finish. They brought great ideas and executed everything flawlessly. Our event was a huge success.

Melanie Bradshaw

VP of Global Events, SeneGence Int.

Holton Buggs

CEO, ibuumerang

Carlos Vigoreaux

Director of Live Events, Market America

Sarah Nilsen

Director of Sales, Green Compass Global

Latest Work

We're excited to share with you all that we have been working on. Check out a few of our most recent projects.


September 2023

Arena shows carry an impact that is sure to wow your audience. Imagine thousands of people sharing the same excitement for your products and message as you. It's the type of memory your audience will never forget.


September 2023

Check out the work put in by Katapult to make this year's Monations United one for the ages. Our team wowed their direct sales family at every turn, every recognition, every moment.